RC Electric Cars for Beginners

Electric RC cars are often the introduction of a RC car for the hobby owner. These vehicles are light and range in size from micro-RC cars that can fit in the Palm of your hand 1/10 race large-scale models. Although not as fast gas RC cars electric cars are less expensive and easier to use and maintain at the same time. For new users, which means that after a short configuration, you can be off and racing. Things you must

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What You Need to Know About RC Toys

Many believe that helicopters are the only real choice of R/C toys.

They are mechanically complex. And require that you two different levels: the advance flight and hovering (hovering). And to pilot them is required your undivided attention

Vendors like Shutler-Robbe, Kyosho, Hirobo, have made significant strides in giving modelers, machines with the ability to be easily in the air. But if the question is “can be a my first real model R/C helicopter?” … we must answer no!.

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Non Toxic Finishes for Children’s Toys

The older son, who turns 2 next month, have begun to take an interest in colors and counting. He likes to take his dad, a pillow and this brain teaser into play tent, where we’ll be and “count” circles and sort them by color.

My philosophy is to invest in non-toxic toys, of good quality and with a high play value. Children do not need to have a lot of toys to develop, I rather think that creativity increased when they don’t have 500 toys to choose from. A good toy, the child can enjoy for a long time and this brain teaser from Plan Toys is one such. Continue reading

How to Build Remote Control Cars

Build your own remote control car is a big project. Building RC cars is a great way to spend quality time with your family as you can get everyone involved in the construction process. There is nothing like the finish of your car and take it out to the park or your own driveway for a test drive.You do not have to be an expert to build an RC car, a few tools and you’ll be on your car kit way.Things You Screwdriver Photos Photos Pictures RC leisure Sandpaper knife trays and equipment.

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How to Choose a Child’s Guitar

Toy guitar-is a unique tool for the musical creativity of the child. Buy it for your child, you help him get started in the wonderful world of music.

Teach your children to play on a toy guitar, and that will help him develop an ear for music, rhythm, sensation, memory and imagination.

This wonderful tool, like a toy Guitar gives patience, stamina and improves the coordination of movements of the child. The kid will learn to improvise and create your own mini-essays, and might want to study at a music school or even be a musician in the future.
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Best Non Toxic Wooden Blocks

On average, children aged 3-5 years over 500 toys. Crazy about you questions me, where we do not want to end up in our family. It is hardly so that the child will need 500 toys and what environmental impact it is making all these gadgets! Then you can think about what it is for the quality of these toys, both as regards their content of unwanted chemicals and their durability and play value. From the time his son was born, we have invested in buying toys, but buy non-toxic toys of good quality which the son can enjoy a longer period of time. Continue reading