Michael Jackson Had Toys and Pictures of Babies in His Room.

According to testimony and images exposed during the trial over Michael Jackson’s death, the star slept with dolls, toys, pictures and posters of babies in his room.Another situation could also be verified: Michael was heavily drugged in recent weeks, causing him to find speech difficulties and problems on the upcoming tour. Continue reading

How to Choose Right Toys For Your Dog

The toy for the dog is more than a hobby: it relieves anxiety and stress by providing the necessary exercises to keep you healthy and active, as well as distracting you during the absence of the owners.

We know that each pet should get the appropriate toys, based on their need and physical size. If you are in doubt as to how to choose the right toys for your dog, stay tuned to our tips, according to the following factors: Continue reading

Educational Toys – Tips

The child apprehends the world through play, for it is the way he finds to discover and know what surrounds him. That is why play is so important in childhood. It is because of this verb that she will become a more concentrated, confident and intelligent teenager. However, you need to find toys that stimulate your senses and your knowledge. So, here are some educational toy tips for your kids. Continue reading

Online Toy Stores

Every child is excited to see the commercial of a new toy on TV.They are attracted to every detail of the product and, of course, do what they can to conquer it.However, since most parents do not have much time to look for what the child wants, the little one ends up getting a little frustrated.Those who live in small towns find it even more difficult to find certain materials.Sometimes it is necessary to travel to large centers only to meet the request of the boy.Faced with this enormous mobilization, the toy ends up being more expensive than it should, because of the extra expenses generated by the search. Continue reading

Imported Electronic Toys, Where to Buy

Some people look for imported toys to gift their children, nephews, godchildren, siblings, neighbors or any other child to whom the occasion asks for a gift.You can purchase these items through various websites, such as the Lojas Americanas website.They are available for purchase products such as Toy Story Assorted Doll with Forest Ambush Accessory – Sunny Toys Import and Export Ltda;which is being traded for R $ 26.91.The value of the product can be split up to three times in the credit card. Continue reading

Toys For Dogs:Tips, Prices

Toys are extremely important to dogs, as well as making them enjoy themselves and exercising, still help those who spend a lot of time alone and would generally be asleep or sad. In addition to animating the dog, toys still function as a form of training and reward, and can help the owner to approach the pet through play. Know some toys for dogs and the average price of each: Continue reading