The Best Toys for Children with Disabilities

The game encourages and stimulates physical and cognitive development, so it should be a universal activity for all children regardless of age, race, nationality, physical and social condition. The toy participates in a leading role in this practice, but little is known about the most appropriate toys for children who have some disability, whether visual, auditory, motor or intellectual.

‘Whatever the special needs of this child, the toy should not serve its limitations, but the possibilities and interests of children. Should reinforce what the child can do to take on challenges’ … are words from our interview with Jose Antonio Pastor, president of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers and Grow Playing Association. Your comments on the subject of toys for children with disabilities are very clarifiers for parents and educators.

Toys for all children, disabled or not

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Vintage Toys Collectibles

After a paroncillo blog, today we are again with a different post …

It is 10 tips for those who have started or want to start making a collection of ancient objects.

In our case, my mother began more than 30 years of her collection of dolls and antique toys, and after these years of experience, these are the tips that we think are important to consider ..

1- Depending on the size of objects that we will collect, we have space at home for them. It is not the same who collect coins, stamps or key rings whose agglutination takes up little space collecting cardboard horses or bikes that take up much space and few that we have outgrown us home …

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10 Ways to Recycle Toys

Much more children grow, more skills are acquired and natural responses to games and toys also are changing. Their interests change depending on the capabilities and skills that are conquering. Children grow up , they need to renew toys and what about the toys they no longer use? To promote recycling, the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ) has created some tips to recycle toys.

Recycling toys can be a good time to share between parents and children. In this regard, Jose Antonio Pastor , President of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), notes that ‘involve children in recycling their toys can transmit values ​​such as cooperation and solidarity, in addition to educating consumption responsible and environmental conservation. ”

Giving new life to toys

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Wholesale Toys from China

Toys that do not provide safety for children

On Christmas Eve, the demand for toys increased considerably. It’s a magical time, full of light, color, parties, family dinners and gifts, but there may also be risks.

Not all  toys  offer the same guarantees for children. It is important to know the main features that must meet a toy to be safe for the little ones, and how the characteristics vary depending on the product or the child’s age.

Safety standards for toys are dictated by the European Union. Should remember.

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RC Plane Reviews

Bought this  WLtoys F949 2.4G 3CH Micro RC Airplane Cessna 182 RTF  plane to retrain my brain (my house built Champ has elev rev) … I love it !!! Is perfect for beginners are afraid of crashing an airplane expensive or experienced guys who want a sweet park flyer scale looking. I flew for 20 minutes in the stock battery and battery still had enough to practice some touch n go of! The wing separated with 1 screw for easy transport, and even has a connector for a camera (uses the same camera as V959). About the only negative thought that I have is the noisy box changes. WLToys / Banggood has done it again, a cheap parkflier that looks as good as it flies.

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What does RC Stand for?

RC stands for Remote Control. Remote is an adjective that can be used with two different meanings. On the one hand, the term can refer to that which lies at a distance, withdrawn or away . Moreover, the remote is something that is unlikely or is very unlikely to happen . In both cases, the etymological origin is the Latin word remotus.

For example: “Uncle Adrian traveled to a remote village to help an indigenous community” , “We received an order for goods from a remote country that is at the heart of Africa ​​, “Hiring the Brazilian star is a remote possibility for their high financial claims”.

From the remote adjective, it is possible to construct different concepts. A RC, also known as remote control, is a device that usually works on battery and allows control a machine or system to a certain distance. Remote controls appeal to infrared signals to convey information to the main device, which responds according to the user dictates orders through actions such as pressing buttons or moving the controller in different directions.

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Best Toys for Every Age

The best toys are not the most expensive, but those who provide more entertainment and adapt to the tastes, the character and the time course of each child.In the market, the supply of toys is so large and varied that it is very difficult to decide on the most appropriate; but there are certain criteria that will help you make a good choice keeping in mind the preferences of their future owners.

What to consider when choosing a toy for a child?

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How to Choose a Remote Control Helicopter

The term radio-controlled helicopter we then realized that we refer in particular to the hobby of designing, play and fly small replicas of helicopters. The model helicopter, this is the name of the helicopter in scale, is similar to the form, and especially the technical characteristics and functionality, to a real helicopter, and is therefore equally valid the caveat that learn to fly it is not easy.
Radio-Controlled Helicopter

The principle of operation is a model airplane, similarly to the helicopter, based rotary wing (already designed by our Leonardo from Vinci). The wing of a helicopter is composed of several components that we will here mention. First of all the blades that are 2 or 4, in this case arranged at right angles and that allow to sustain the helicopter during navigation.

The main rotor which is probably the most fascinating part of the helicopter with respect to the mechanical, rotor which allows the blades to tilt and then moving forward the helicopter forward, backward, left or right; Finally there is the tail rotor with the two small tail blades which allow, by cutting the air, to rotate about itself to a helicopter and then make comfortable maneuvering in tight spaces.

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Toys Safety Tips

Sometimes you get to think that any toy used for your kids, but the truth is that there are many factors that could make a toy cease to be safe and constitute a danger to them. At the time of purchase and give a toy, it is advisable to follow some guidelines!

1) Always pay close attention to age recommendations on toys and choose one according to your little, interests and skill level. Also, take into consideration other safety labels as “washable materials / hygiene” on the wrists or other toys.

The labels are based on physical and mental ability of small, your gaming needs, interests and security.

2) For children one year or less, choose toys that are colorful, light, having various textures and are made of non-toxic materials. Children of this age learn through sight, touch, sound and taste, and often things in their mouths to explore them.

3) Do not give your little girls toys with parts that can put the mouth and eyes, noses, etc. removable; They represent a choking hazard.

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The Best Toys for Children Summer

There is no doubt that toys are essential food for children, at any age. The toys feed their motor skills and foster their relationship with others. But what favorite toys are for summer?

Preferred toys

How often plays your son in summer? According to the Association of toys  of Spain, it became clear that children still have preferences for toys that make ‘take off’ your imagination and fantasy. ‘Nancy and her pink scooter’ was the most voted wrist. ‘Cinexin’ best electronic toy, ‘Pirate Ship’ best action figure, ‘Casa Greenhouse’ best for outdoors, ‘mechanical Banco Formula’ best building ‘Kitchen with refrigerator’ best imitation toy home and environment, ‘Mesa numbers activities’ best early childhood, and ‘giant Parcheesi’ best board game. How about?

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