Convention to Stop The Illegal Importation of Products from China

The EC said in a statement that more than half of the dangerous products that were discovered last year in the EU, both food and toys, come from China, for this reason, the China’s Government and the European Commission have signed two agreements to increase controls and fight against imports of Asian products that may present a danger to health. Continue reading

Console DVD Kids

An educational toy developed by specialists in early childhood education is the console DVD Kids, a system of interactive learning with digital quality. With this toy children learn playing and interacting with the characters, will stimulate the visual comprehension and verbal, logic, memory development, learn numbers, letters, mathematical symbols, etc colors. Continue reading

Baby Go Go! a Driving Simulator for Children

Car with the baby are most frequent at holiday time and not always easy to keep it entertaining, with the consequence that is bored, want to lose the car, crying, kicking, etc..

Among the toys that make a trip more enjoyable drive is the Baby Go Go!, a children’s driving simulator from 12 months. It can be fastened to the seat by means of clamps that are tightened to thread and are adjustable in width. Continue reading

Ride Friendly Bugs

Almost all children (at least my daughter does) are mounted to everything that has a pair of wheels that crosses their way.

Crazy Creatures they are some ride English form of seven friendly animals that seem cool for kids.

Some form of bee, frog, pig, also a turtle and a sheep, to name a few.

An advantage is that it is multi directional so you become much more maneuverable.

They cost all 60 pounds, except for the sheep that costs 5 more in Skippertoys.